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The IMH School Introduction to Algebraic Schemes and Cohomology Nổi bật

Viết bởi  Đọc 301 lần

November 11-22, 2019

The IMH-School “Introduction to Algebraic Schemes and Cohomology” is an introductory school to Algebraic Geometry with emphasis on cohomology theories of algebraic curves. There are four mini-courses, each consists of five lectures and tutorials.


Website: http://math.ac.vn/conference/AG2019IMH

Dates and Venue

Time: November 11-22, 2019

Place: Institute of Mathematics, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (IMH)

Organizers: Doan Trung Cuong, Phung Ho Hai

Organizing Institution: Institute of Mathematics


  • International Centre for Research and Postgraduate Training in Mathematics, Hanoi (ICRTM).
  • The Simons Foundation Targeted Grant for the Institute of Mathematics, Hanoi


Nov. 11-15, 2019

  • Doan Trung Cuong (IMH), Introduction to algebraic curves.
  • Phung Ho Hai (IMH), Introduction to algebraic schemes

Nov. 18-22, 2019

  • Daniel Caro (Université de Caen Normandie, France), Cohomology of algebraic curves
  • Lei Zhang (Chinese University of Hong Kong, China), Sheaf cohomology on algebraic schemes


  • Ngo Trung Hieu (Vietnam Institute for Advanced Studies in Mathematics),
  • Ruben Muñoz-Bertrand (Université de Caen Normandie, France),
  • Nguyen Tat Thang (IMH),
  • Pham Thanh Tam (Hanoi University of Pedagogy 2).


  • Graduate (Master and PhD) students;
  • Senior undergraduate students.

Support: We provide supports (accommodation and partial travel expenses) for a limited number of young foreign participants and Vietnamese participants not living in Hanoi to attend the school. Application for supports should contain a curriculum vitae, a letter of intent and at least one letter of recommendation from a mathematician or a university.


There is no registration fee. Online registration form is here.
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