Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2024

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The 11th Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF) will take place in Heidelberg, Germany between 22–27 September 2024.

At the HLF, all winners of the Fields Medal, the Abel Prize, the ACM A.M. Turing Award, the Nevanlinna Prize/IMU Abacus Medal, and the ACM Prize in Computing are invited to attend. In addition, young and talented computer scientists and mathematicians are invited to apply for participation. The previous HLFs have been an exceptional success. The HLF serves as a great platform for interaction between the masters in the fields of mathematics and computer science and young talents.

Over the course of the week-long conference, young researchers will be given the exclusive possibility to profoundly connect with their scientific role models and find out how the laureates made it to the top of their fields. As described by a young researcher, “Meeting the humans behind some of the most formidable inventions and discoveries of our time was phenomenal. What was unexpected, perhaps, was how warm and approachable these individuals turned out to be. I am grateful to have been given this opportunity, and to have shared it with peers who I hope to soon call colleagues, collaborators and friends."

Applications for participation at the 11th HLF are open in three categories: Undergraduate/Pre-Master, Graduate PhD, and PostDocs. The application period for the 11th HLF runs from 9 November 2023 until 9 February 2024.

Young researchers at all phases of their careers (Undergraduate/Pre-Master, Graduate PhD, or PostDocs) are encouraged to complete and submit their applications by 9 February (midnight CET).

The IMU Adhering Organizations and national mathematical societies can also nominate young researchers. Nominated persons get “priority treatment”, but, since there may be too many nominations, they have no acceptance guarantee.  You may use the code IMU75896 when registering. 

See the webpage https://application.heidelberg-laureate-forum.org for the online application and nomination forms.


The deadline for application is 9 February 2024.


For questions regarding requirements and the application process, please contact Young Researchers Relations at: yr@heidelberg-laureate-forum.org .


All applications that are completed and submitted by the deadline are meticulously reviewed by an international committee of experts to ensure that only the most qualified candidates are invited. There are 100 spaces available for each discipline of mathematics and computer science. All applicants will be notified by the end of April 2024 whether or not they are invited.

For more information, please visit: http://www.heidelberg-laureate-forum.org/  

IMU asks its Adhering Organizations to distribute this information among their national mathematical communities, if possible, through the newsletters of the national mathematical societies